Wounded Warrior Project Reflects on Committee Decisions

An accomplished business leader, Timothy (Tim) Batchelor also contributes to the national security policy sector as a constitutional law scholar. Apart from these responsibilities, Timothy Batchelor supports such nonprofit causes as the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).

In a recent statement, WWP discussed a decision by the Senate and House Veterans Affairs Committees that extended funding for the VA’s TBI Assisted Living pilot program, which had been immobilized for five months prior. The three-year extension will help the nation’s most injured veterans regain access to age-appropriate, comprehensive rehabilitation services. To facilitate the extension, WWP aggressively lobbied Congress and mobilized other veterans, organizations, and political figures to show their support.

The WWP release also celebrated the agreement’s emergency funding for additional medical staff and expanded VA health facilities, which came in response to recent health care deficiencies and a shortage of care providers. In additional assistance, the compromise agreement offers veterans reduced tuition costs at public academic institutions regardless of state residence status.